Animalistic characters of the tales of the Lusiatian writer Jěva-Marja Čornakec

in Ukrainian

  • Olha Kravets Department of Slavic Philology, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Keywords: descriptive, psychological and intertextual methods, Lusatian children’s literature, animalistic literature, animal characters, fairy-tales writer Jěva -Marja Čornakec, fairy tales «Mouse in the Clouds» and «Charmed Crow»


The article deals with issues of children’s literature which occupies a place of importance within the context of every national literature. Each time the interest of scholars in children’s literature as a subsystem of fiction is activated. Within the literary oeuvre of Lusatian children’s literature, literary animal studies occupy a significant role and place. Present-day children’s animalistic literature is represented by the tales-writer JěvaMarja Čornakec, including Ukrainian translations «Mouse in the Clouds» and «Charmed Crow». The objective of this paper is to shed light on Čornakec’s tales that made her stand out as an authentic children’s writer. J.-M. Čornakec is the most represented writer in Lusatian animalistic children’s literature. It is important to analyse and interpret J.-M. Čornakec’s tales «Mouse in the Clouds» and «Charmed Crow». Research methodology. The article employs a systematic approach using a descriptive method, the method of analysis, psychological and intertextual. This research technique has facilitated the study of the concept of the author’s animalistic genre form, enabled to analyze the animal characters of J.-M. Čornakec’s tales, their behavioural models (behavior changes and actions of characters). Results. The study presents the concept of the function of children’s literature. The Sorbo-Lusatian paradigm of children’s literature is being formed, in particular, by the Lusatian bestiary as a relatively young posthumanistic discipline. Based on two examples, two animalistic literary works – using the illustrated fairy tales by J.-M. Čornakec – research is made into the fairy tale matrix, the writer’s skill in introducing problems of relationships and ecology into the fairy tale structure. Scientific novelty. The article proposes the interpretation of the tales «Mouse in the Clouds» and «Charmed Crow» by J.-M. Čornakec in terms of literary animal studies as a comparatively recent discipline in the discourse of children’s literature with a subject of its research and interdisciplinary methodology. The analysis will include the concept of the realistic animal world within the framework of the animalistic form, attitude towards nature. Practical value. The article can be used as a material for acquaintance with Lusatian children’s literature in Ukraine, contemporary children’s literature represented by the tales writer J.-M. Čornakec. She is the most represented fairy-tale writer in contemporary Lusatian animalistic children’s literature. Key

Slavonic literatures